Sunday, November 7, 2010

Barack "Show-bama"?

When the roof of your house starts collapsing, you try to hold it up, or even run out for cover, and since its not only the Senate's or the Congress's roof that is under consideration, but potentially the White House too, Obama might just be trying to do both and well, in comparison to others who have tried, he might be doing a pretty good job. This weekend we were glued to our T.V.s not because of another terrorist attack or a Tendulkar hundred, but because of the first African-American US President arriving in India. Now, the question is what does he want from us. Well, he did promise to visit the largest power in the world not elected to the United Nations security council when he was elected, but now it seems that the spark he grabbed almost two years ago is long lost like Shangri-la. After the recent loss of trust in the American voters, Mr. Obama has come to tread on international waters trying to swim with a blood wound, with sharks all around. No, I am not disrespecting any of us here in India, but it seemingly doesn't feel appropriate for Obama to drop in like this with his popularity rating suffering an all time low. Sure, it would bring some very fascinatingly wanted changes and propositions, but wouldn't these things been even more fruitful when they would have arrived from the man who actually made us believe that "We Can". Where is the "Change we need" now? Strong slogans, equally weak shouts. Not since Bush Sr. has USA witnessed another president not get re-elected. Heck, I seriously doubt that a majority of us even bother about the two members of the first family. We were predicting Sachin's next 50th century for fate's sake! As Jay Sean puts it, 2012 might not be the end of the world, but a certain Hawaii-born half Kenyan is staring down the drain, and unless he decides to issue a major cover for that song in the form of a strong economy, he has no option but to. Frankly, that is the only thing remaining that Barack Hussein Obama can bring change to which he needs, and that even after all this commotion, Yes he can? The answer as they say is blowing in the wind, and in this case it might just be an off-season hurricane.


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  2. Literally dude, with whatever reasons Obama coming here, I am sure that theres just gonna be talks with no materialising of any concrete development..As he in a look out fr 50000 or more odd jobs for the States, he is just gonna propagate the agenda of opening up of retail and other sectors for the American MNCs...surely India can hope to bargain for a seat at the UN Security Council in exchange but all propositions need to be well measured first before reaching at the conclusion...lets .c...kya hota hai..!!