Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wheels of melancholy

Loneliness does stuff to people. Its like going on a one-way ride to the end of the world, there is no return ticket. Sometimes i get pushed into this state of mind very often. But then i think there are only a few people in the world who don't fall prey to such tricks the mind plays on you. you have two choices then. One, follow your mind, see where it takes you. It maybe a path of sin and suffering but, it may be a path with no bumps at all. Or you can play dumb and revolt with your own conscious, refuse to believe that the mind can be right. But then this might lead you somewhere you never wanted to be. reality would seem futile,dreams become a fascination. the more you revolt the more you lose yourself to the mind's control. after all. it is the same mind that gives you the idea to revolt, and as we know, there is not a parasite as an idea. it feeds not on blood, but on soul, on purpose, on dreams. it makes you believe that some things are much more important than the others, that they must be achieved at all costs. we fall into the mind's trap each and every day. we want materials. all of us. food, cloth and shelter are things that are there in our brains by default. the mind enhances these three basic wants into subjects much more complex and radical, it is something that develops our mind. food was needed to extinguish hunger, not over-feed and glutton. cloth protected us from weather and sight, not created lust in the eyes of the observer. shelter protected us from long term hazards, but now we have towers and towers of space, and none that can be left void. why is that? is it because we have allowed ourselves to be pedestrian victims of a greater power? the answer lies in each of us, the way we control our minds. some minds are so powerful that the senses of sight and sound, even though fully functional, are just embroidered as accessories in our bodies. others are much more successful in controlling their minds and as a result have mutated into beings that can listen to another important part of the body, the heart. The object driven and fueled by emotions, unlike the mind which is fueled by want. interestingly some have even achieved a further level of control and can salvage decisions based on mind and heart both. that feat is possible only with a clear conscious which many of us fail to possess as the mind will not allow us to own such a quality, as it simply lives off an unclear conscious. but until we change ourselves we cannot control the mind of others. how can we give directions to lost travelers, when we ourselves need a compass? nor can we show the way to those who already know where they are going. what we can do is follow them, but only after knowing if the path is right or wrong, and that is a decision only a heart can make. hence we take our first step towards achievement of complete salvation, the unity of heart and mind. 

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