Thursday, January 10, 2013



Life’s magic is best portrayed when one is procrastinating. The idle brain seeks ways to trick itself out of this dazzling reverie only to find obscure reasons to plummet back into the same trance.

When faced with such a dilemma, I generally read, a lot. It may include anything, from the daily news to some old dusty novel that I had thrown aside months earlier. On occasional days, I would often surf the web and fascinate myself with tales of Greek heroes or fill my rather fast emptying head with bucket loads of information. Strangely enough so it may seem, I have been pretty idle recently. I haven’t finished any books, my blogs have run dry and there are still unexplored pages on the internet that truly deserve my utmost attention.

Putting a lot of will power into this manuscript, and on an almost soaked-out battery on my computer, I began what may seem a pretty ‘weak’ blog, or so it seems. I was beginning to lose interest with every other word. Keane’s ‘Somewhere only we know’ was flooding my ears, making me unperceivable to any noise or distraction around me, although my room-mates are rather quiet. With very few topics in question, I may as well write upon my dreams, and lately I haven’t been having pleasant, honey-dripping ones.

In a dream a night previous to last, I saw Felipe Massa die in a horrible car crash. Of when I mention Massa and cars, I am talking about Formula One of course. It seemed a track I had never seen before, with a vicious bend and a sharp chicane. From what I recalled, I saw Felipe banging wheel with another car and his tyres came off their rims. Astonishingly his car rolled on some distance until it hit a barrier where the driver was thrown out of the car and lay on the floor, motionless. It was horrible crash. Everyone, I included, was sobbing presumably and heavily. I have no idea what that dream meant, but I awoke disturbed and stirred. I, however, checked online, wishing to myself that may even Felipe’s arch-rivals not have vision like the one I had. He was fine and I was quite happy to see him wearing his ever-so-cute childish grin waving to the camera as he made a handsome donation at a charity event.

The world is a strange place, new streets emerge every day. 

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